Nat Ma Taung (or) Mount Victoria National Park is located in Kan-pet-let, Mindut and Matupi townships of southern Chin State. It covers an area of 279 square-miles, and is established in 1994. The Mountain is about 320 miles, from Yangon to Bagan-Nyaung-Oo, by flight, Bagan-Nyaung-Oo to Chauk, 18 miles by car, Chauk via Seikpyu to Hsaw, 68 miles by car and Hsaw to Kan-pet-let, 12 miles by car or Hsaw to Mindut, 42 miles by car. Nat Ma Taung national park preserve rare species of Myanmar Orchids.


Hponkan Razi is situated in Putao Township, Kachin State, in the uppermost part of Myanmar. Hiking, Walking and recreation in the natural forest environment is the main attraction of this mountain. There are opportunities for observing the tradition, culture and life style of indigenous hill tribes. Hponkan Razi is usually snow-capped half the year. Rare mammals and bird species dwell in this region, which can survive in high altitude. Observing 30 mammal species including Red Panda, Takin, Red goral which can be found in East-Himalayan. There are over 200 bird species including Monayrit and hill pine forest, evergreen forest, medicinal plants and wild rare orchids.  


Mount Khakaborazi is Southeast Asia's highest mountain, located in Kachin State, in the northern Myanmar. The elevation of this mountain is 5,881 metres (19,294 ft). It has extended from the range of the Himalayas. The coordinates are 28 degree 19' 59" N, 97 degree 28' 00" E. The peak is enclosed within Khakaborazi National Park. It is entirely mountainous and is characterized by broad-leaved evergreen rain forest, a subtropical temperate zone from 2438 metres (8,000 ft to 9000 ft), then broadleaved, semi-deciduous forest and finally needle-leaved evergreen, snow forest.Above 3353 metres (11,000 ft) the highest forest zone is alpine, different not only in kind from the forest, but different in history and origin. Still higher up, around 4572 metres (15,000 ft) cold, barren, windswept terrain and permanent snow and glaciers dominate.At around 5,334 metres (17500 ft) there is a large ice cap with several outlet glaciers.

Mount Khakaborazi was first ascended on September 15, 1996 by Takashi Ozaki (Japan) and Nyama Gyaltsen (Myanmar).  


Rafting and river expedition trips in Myanmar are available with some of the tour operators. The Nam Lang River expedition in Kachin state combines the thrill of Class 3 and 4 white-water through thickly forested canyons, with a closer insight into the people and way of life unchanged for centuries. The Nam Lang River is without a doubt one of the most exciting journeys in Myanmar.


Myanmar has the ancient city Bagan in the middle plains of the country. Visitors from all over the world have always been excited to view the "finest sights" of the world which include the city of Bagan. Now, international and local tourists can have the inspiration of viewing the sights of Bagan from a hot air balloon too.

The Balloon flights usually take place early in the morning. At sunrise and before sunset are the best times for the viewers to go up. The flight usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. From the Balloon, one can see the most magnificent monuments and the unforgettable scenes in Bagan. Balloons over Bagan is a private Myanmar company that is committed to the preservation of Bagan and its environment. A contribution from each flight will be donated to community programs that directly benefit the local population. Balloons over Bagan operates from October to the end of March with a total capacity of 40 passengers per day.


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