Anada Pagoda Festival

Date                      : Full Moon of Pyatho to 15th Waning of Pyatho

Location              : Bagan

Duration             : 15 days

This is one of the most famous pagoda festivals in Bagan ; one of the Aisa's most amazing and richest archaeoligical sites. The Great Anada Pagoda Festival is said to have been going on continuously since the Bagan period. Long ago, people from many villages around Bagan came to the festival in bullock-carts and made camps for the whole duration of the festival. Even now some villagers still come to the festival in the traditional way. Visitors can definitely enjoy the traditional liftstyle of the locals of Bagan during this festivals.


Kachin Manaw Festival ( Kachin New Year Festival )

Date                      : Usually around first week of January

Location              : Myitkyina , Kachin State.

Duration             : 1 day

The Kachins ; one of the major races of Myanmar, take great part in this festival and many Kachins from abroad come back to meet and dance at this special event. The Manaw dance is performed at Manaw Festival which originated as part of the Nat or spirit worship of the past.


Naga New Year Festival

Date                      : Usually January 14 to 16

Location              : Either Lahe or Layshi, Sagaing Region

Duration             : 3 days

Naga New Year Festival is one of the rarest ceremonies in Myanmar. There are more than 49 different clans with their own distinctive dresses and dialects. They usually gather annually to celebrate the New Year which falls on January 15. Package tours are available to visit the Naga New Year Festival of Myanmar.



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