Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival

Date                      : Begins on 5th Waxing of Tabodwe

Location              : Shwe Settaw, Magwe Region, Central Myanmar.

Duration             : 11 days

There are two pagodas which enshrine footprints of the Buddha. The site is on the bank of Mann Creek, where bamboo cabins are erected every year for local travellers to enjoy cool swims during the heat of summer.

Kyaik Khauk Pagoda Festival

Date                     : 8th Waxing to Full Moon Day of Tabodwe

Location             : Thanlyin, near Yangon

Duration            : 8 days

One of the famous pagoda festivals around Yangon City. Most of the activities of Pagoda Festival are evening entertainments such as Zat ( Drama ), Anyient, Stage Show and Movies shown in the open air, the whole night everyday.

Maha Muni Pagoda Festival ( Mandalay )

Date                    : 14th Waxing and Full Moon Day of Tabodwe

Location            : Mandalay

Duration           : 2 days

Maha Muni Buddha image is highly venerated , as it is said to be  made in front of Buddha Himself, and thus its face is most revered. The image is completely covered with 15 cm - thick gold. February is the coldest month in Myanmar and at the Maha Muni Pagoda Festival Devotees light bonfires and cook huge pans of sticky rice with ginger, coconut and seasame to offer to monks.

Htamane ( Glutinous Rice Festival )

Date                  : Full Moon Day of Tabodwe

Location           : Throughout the country.

Duration          : 1 day

This is a competition between teams of men for donation of Glutinous Rice to the Great Lord Buddha in early morning on Full Moon Day. There are lots of people enjoy watching the demonstrations and competition of cooking glutinous rice and after finished, Glutinous rice is disturbuted as donation to people and followed by the prize giving ceremony for the winners.


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