KyaikHtiYo (Golden Rock Pagoda)

Kyaik-Hti-Yo " Golden Rock " Pagoda

Kyaik-hti-yo, or Golden Rock Pagoda, near Kyaikhto town in Mon State is regarded as a miracle by Buddhist devotees. It is a small spire of 18ft (5.5m) believed to enshrine a hair relic of the Buddha. It is set atop a huge boulder which in turn is balanced on the edge of a cliff. The wide open platform gives a fantastic view of distant mountains, especially at sunset. A large ordination  hall near the entrance of the pagoda has the look of a crown with many tiers.

Devotees believe that a pilgrimage to this pagoda brings them good health and fortune. The route to the pagoda winds through pretty scenery and is lined with many sites playing one part or another in the legend of the pagoda. Special trucks take pilgrims to the foot of a high hill from the Kinbun stop where there are some good restaurants. You can climb the rest of the way along a steep and winding road or you can opt to be carried on a reclining chair by four sure-footed bearers.




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