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Train expeditions in Myanmar are unforgettable events. The beautiful scene and natural view from the train window show the unchanged lifestyle for years. The green paddy fields, mountain ranges, the blue sky, the scenic nature and the people's lifestyles are great wonders of the train journey. During the Japanese occupation in Myanmar, a number of gauge engines from Japan were adjusted to run in Myanmar. More of the additional machines were brought with the allied forces. Still the pre-war designed trains can still be found in Myanmar. There are steam locomotives which are getting extinct in the world today. There are trips which take about 14 days traveling from Yangon. The destination plan starts from Yangon and passes by Thazi, Mandalay, Lashio and Bagan. There are also trips from Yangon to Namtu and then upward to Nashai, Namyao and return trips from Nashai to Lashio by coach.


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