Vipassana Meditation in myanmar

Myanmar is a multi racial and multi religious country. About 90% of the people in Myanmar are Buddhist. Many Vipassana Meditation Centers based on Buddha's teachings are widely opened throughout the country. Vipassana meditation is taught in Myanmar during the ten-day residential courses. This period has been found to be the minimum requirement for new meditators to understand the technique and its benefits through their own experience. Here is some information on the Meditation Centers so that one can plan the Meditation trips in Myanmar.

Chanmyae Yeiktha

Chanmyae Yeiktha functions mainly as a meditation center but it is also a monastery with resident monks who are the medition teachers. It is for foreigners and Myanmar meditator alike. Foreigners are well catered for and often have their own quarters and schedules. Men and women's accomodation are separate, clean and simple, complete with bed linen and mosquito nets.

Mahasi Mditation Center

Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization was founded in 1947 in Myanmar with the objective of propagating the Buddha Sasana through scripture learning and practice of Vipassana meditation. Non-profit in character, the Mahasi Meditation Center is operated with subscriptions from its members and voluntary donations from devout Buddhists throughout the country. The Center is within easy reach, only about twenty minutes drive by taxi from the Yangon International Airport, or about ten minutes by car from downtown Yangon.

Dhamma Joti

Dhamma Joti was opened in October 1993 with Goenkaji and Mataji present for the first three courses. Goenkaji expressed his happiness at being able to repay the debt of gratitude to Myanmar for maintaining Dhamma in all its purity. On the opening day, the elder monks of the State Monks' Organization called the "State Sangha Mahanayaka Organization" were present and gave Ovada Kahtha ( blessing and advising talk ) to the audience.

Mogok Vipassana Yeiktha

This Yeiktha is founded by Sayadaw U Vimala. Mogok Visspasana Yeiktha has a way of meditating using the Mogok Vipassana Circle.


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