Historical Sites

Beikthano City

Beikthano or the Ancient Center of the Phu People of Myanmar is transliterated from " Vishnu ", the Preserver, the second of the Hindu traid. It is the oldest of the 3 ancient centers of Pyu Civilization. Chronologically Beikthano flourished during the 1st to 5th centuries AD, the second being Thayekhittayar (Srikestra) now called Hmawzar which lasted from the 5th century to the 7th century.

Hanlin City

Another significant Pyu site, Hanlin , lies about 11 miles south-east of Shwebo in Upper Myanmar. There is a group of villages with numerous small modern pagodas to the south of the old fortified city. This locality is noted for hot saline springs.

Tagaung City

Tagaung City is situated on the east bank of the river Ayeyarwaddy, 127 miles north of Mandalay and 56 miles north of Shwebo. Its civilization dates back to the early Christian era with Pyu culture.

Nyaunggan City

Nyaunggyi is located in Budalin Township, Monywa District, Sagaing Division. An ancient cemetery, near Nyaunggan Village, Budalin Township, was excavated during 1998 and 1999.


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